Interested in supporting the Rancho Campana High School Monarchs?

Send a friend a yard full of purple flamingos! Choose the perfect sized flock for your unsuspecting friends, family members, neighbors, co-workers and even your favorite teachers! No worries, they’ll never know who summoned their flock (unless you tell them).

Flocks will be migrating to area neighborhoods soon, resting in each yard for 24-48 hours before migrating to the next yard. Our flamingo wranglers will help the flock land on your friend’s lawn and will arrive the next day to help the flock move on to their next destination. Order a “flock” or volunteer to wrangle!

We ask for a suggested donation of $25. All donations are tax deductible and go to help fund the PTSA programs which benefit all our students, staff and our campus community. This flocking is done in good spirits and is meant to be positive. Thank your for your support and good humor!

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