Saving Lives of Camarillo Youth, Town Hall Panel on Youth Substance Abuse on 5/14, Camarillo Library 



Local Town Hall Panel on Youth Substance Abuse Prevention in Honor of National Prevention Week!


Alcohol, Vaping, Opioids, or Mental Health? Which should be the priority in Camarillo as our focus in youth substance abuse prevention efforts?  You Decide.


Where? Camarillo Library Community Room 4101 Las Posas Rd. Camarillo, CA 93010

When? Tuesday Evening May 14th 7-8pm

Cost? Free and open to the public

We at Saving Lives are having a four person panel representing different community sectors (law enforcement, education, youth, and medical) who will make their case for why their assigned topic (alcohol, vaping, opioids, or mental health) is most important in youth substance abuse prevention, giving each 10 minutes to make their case using a combination of local data and personal experience. The floor will then be open to the community for the last 20 minutes to voice their opinion and/or ask questions to the panel. This event will surely have a great impact on how Saving Lives and the Camarillo community at large will focus efforts in substance abuse prevention moving forward. At the end of the hour we will have a vote to see which topic wins! It is a great opportunity to have your voice heard in how we as a community move forward in this important cause!

More details here.

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